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Brian Miller in Fountain Hills Times

Orthopedic surgeon reduces healing time for replacements

First performed in 1960, hip replacement surgery has been one of the most signifi cant surgical advances of the last century. More than 193,000 total hip replacements - replacing the ball and socket joint of the hip - are performed annually in the United States, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Most patients receive a traditional posterior or anterolateral approach that requires the removal of tendon and muscle from the bone. Dr. Brian H. Miller and his partner, Dr. Kurtis S. Staples, of Sonoran Hip Center are among a select group of orthopedic surgeons who have refined a procedure that provides less pain and quicker recovery.


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Kurtis Staples on Surprise TV 11



Skiing After Hip Replacement

The tales of modernday medicine and the astounding advances made in research and surgery continue to make their impact on everyday people. Dolores Seright is one such example, who is singing the praises of Dr. Brian Miller and the anterior hip replacement procedure he uses. Seright, 60, made the decision to have a total hip replacement after months of pain and the loss of ability to do many things she loved to do, which included skiing, hiking and playing with her grandchildren. "After I had the X-rays and saw that my hip was basically ‘bone on bone,’ the decision was easy," she says. She had the surgery Dec. 2, 2009. On Dec. 11 she hosted a holiday party at her home, she was able to drive a car by Dec. 13 and by Dec. 17 she had a follow-up appointment with Miller. Read more


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