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8 Simple Workouts To Keep Your Joints Happy And Healthy

If you suffer from joint pain, a quick trip to the gym for a run on the treadmill, some weight training, squats or zumba may no longer work for you. And let’s face it, if exercise hurts, you are less likely to do it. Here are some simple, joint-friendly workouts that...

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Hip Replacement Surgery

So you are getting a hip replacement. Congratulations! You’ve joined over 300,000 people this year who will be walking more easily and with less pain. Here’s what to expect: Before Make arrangements for a ride to and from surgery as well as for help around your home...

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The History Of Hip Replacement Surgery

The History Of Hip Replacement Surgery Hip replacement has come a long way in the last 100+ years! Let’s take a look of how we progressed from there to here: The first documented attempt at a hip replacement was in 1891, when German surgeon Themistocles Gluck replaced...

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5 Things I Bet You Did Not Know About Arthritis….

Arthritis is a common joint ailment affecting about 21 million Americans. Nevertheless, misconceptions about this painful disease abound. Here are the top 5 things that maybe you thought you knew about arthritis, but didn’t.   Arthritis is arthritis is arthritis....

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Why We Love Hip Care (And You Should, Too!)  

We love hip care!  The truth is that healthy joints play a huge role in helping our patients enjoy their golden years. What fun is retirement if you can’t manage a proper golf swing? Who wants to have the grandkids visit when you can’t even go for a walk or a bike...

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